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Complete Jewish Bible
Complete Jewish Bible

CARE Packaging - Complete Item Listing
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A DID Beginner's Toolkit Vol. 1
A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare
A Light in the Darkness
A New Identity: Fruit Bearer (CARE Ctn)
Addictions and Compulsions: Ways of Coping Without God (CARE Ctn)
Addressing Emotional Pain in the Brain's Control Center
Astral Projections and the Spirits of Sexual Torture (CARE Ctn)
Attachments (DVD)
Attachments: Why You Love, Feel and Act the Way You Do
Baptisms (CARE Ctn)
Basic Essential Evening Prayer Bookmark
Basic Essential Morning Prayer Bookmark
Biblical Principles of Ministering to the Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse (CARE Ctn)
Biblical Roles (CARE Ctn)
Binding the Strongman (CARE Ctn)
Bloodlines: What's the Purpose? (CARE Ctn)
Bob (LMS #29)
Boundary Recommendations
Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse
Bringing It All Together: The Enemy's Plan Against Mankind (CARE Ctn)
Bruce (LMS #22)
CARE Combo Bundle
CARE Seminar 2011 8-DVD Bundle
Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
Charlie (LMS #27)
Chrystal #1: Loss of Father Before Birth (LMS #1)
Chrystal #2: Loss of Father (LMS #2)
Common Programming Using False Identities (CARE Ctn)
Common Roles (CARE Ctn)
Complete Jewish Bible
Core Beliefs (CARE Ctn)
Count Them Blessed Who Endure (CARE Ctn)
Daniel Roars Today
Dawn: Disarming the Lure of Affirmation (LMS #16)
Disappointment with God (CARE Ctn)
Dissociation (CARE Ctn)
Do You Want to Be Made Well? (CARE Ctn)
Double Binds and Vows (CARE Ctn)
Doubling the Efforts of Evil (CARE Ctn)
Doug: Immanuel Intervention (LMS #9)
Ducks on Water - Card by Dona
Duplicity Programming: The Devil's Deceptions (CARE Ctn)
Eileen: Immanuel Intervention (LMS #7)
Empowering the Christian Host (CARE Ctn)
En Route to Global Occupation
Exposing False Identities & Countering with Biblical Truth (CARE Ctn)
Father/Son Wounds (LMS #6)
Father's Day - Card by Cheri
Fear, Unbelief, Pride and Rebellion: Demonic Strongholds Used as a Programming Foundation (CARE Ctn)
Five-to-Thrive and CARE Community Testimonies (DVD)
Footprints - Card by Dona
For Better or For Worse
For Mom (1) - Card by Cheri
For Mom (2) - Card by Cheri
Forsaking Everything for the Cross (CARE Ctn)
Friendship - Card by Cheri
Glossary of Terms (CARE Ctn)
God Attachment
God Wants to Speak to You, Are You Listening?
God's Appointed Seasons 2016
God's Appointed Times
God's Chosen Festivals
Grace: Childhood Abuse Memory (LMS #4)
Grace: Childhood Abuse Memory (LMS #4) (VHS)
Growing Beyond Survival
Halloween Seasonal Prayer (CARE Ctn)
Handbook for Husbands of Dissociative Women
Hanukkah Covenant Seder
Happy Anniversary - Card by Cheri
Happy Birthday (1) - Card by Cheri
Happy Birthday (2) - Card by Cheri
Happy Birthday (3) - Card by Cheri
Happy Birthday (4) - Card by Cheri
Healing Is God's Domain, Maturity Is our Domain (CARE Ctn)
Healing the Hardware of the Soul
Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star
How Does Fear Impact Memories from a Biblical Perspective (CARE Ctn)
I Miss You - Card by Cheri
Ian: I'm Not Enough (LMS #24)
Immanuel, An Especially Pernicious Blockage & the Normal Belief Memory System
Immanuel, Emotional Healing & Capacity (2 DVDs)
Immanuel, God With Us (DVD)
In Him Is Life - Card by Dona
Interventions at Five Levels (DVD)
Is More Knowledge the Answer? (CARE Ctn)
It's Not Impossible: Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control-Book
It's Not Impossible: Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control-PDF
Jewish New Testament Commentary
Jim: Grieving Dad's Death (LMS #13)
Joy Starts Here
Joyful Beginnings Calendar
Lazarus Come Forth (CARE Ctn)
Lectures and Skits 4-DVD Bundle
Lehman 1-of-Each DVD Bundle
Lehman 1-of-Each Product Bundle
Lehman Conference Teachings Bundle
Letting God Lead the Prayer Session (CARE Ctn)
Life Together
Lisa: Childhood Surgery, Panic Attacks and Abreaction (LMS #5)
Lisa: Childhood Surgery, Panic Attacks and Abreaction (LMS #5) (VHS)
Live Emotional Healing Ministry: 4 Condensed Sessions (LMS #8)
Live Emotional Healing Ministry: 4 MORE Sessions (LMS #10)
Live Emotional Healing Ministry: Condensed Sessions 3rd Set (LMS#15)
Live Emotional Healing Ministry: Condensed Sessions 4th Set (LMS #20)
Live Emotional Healing Ministry: Condensed Sessions 5th Set (LMS #25)
Live Emotional Healing Ministry: Condensed Sessions 6th Set (LMS #28)
Live Ministry Series Bundle - 29 Titles (LMS #1-29)
Live Prayer Ministry Using Five-to-Thrive and 19 Skills (4 DVD set)
Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You: 15th Anniversary Study Edition
Living with Men
Lost in Translation Volume 1
Lost in Translation Volume 2
Lost in Translation Volume 3
Love Is of God - Card by Dona
Maggie #2: If I leave, she could die (LMS#12)
Maggie #3: Labor and Delivery Trauma (LMS#19)
Maggie: More Than Healing (LMS #11)
Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated
Memory Work (CARE Ctn)
Mind Control: Biochips and Implants (CARE Ctn)
Mind Control: Medical Programming (CARE Ctn)
Mind Control: The Use of In-Vitro Fertilization (CARE Ctn)
Ministering to the Shattered
Missing You - Card by Cheri
More Than Survivors
Mother's Day - Card by Cheri
Multiple Identities
My Identity in Jesus Christ (CARE Ctn)
My Story God's Way (CARE Ctn)
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New Product - Please enter name here
New World Religion
Out of the Ashes
Outsmarting Yourself Companion DVD
Outsmarting Yourself, Second Edition
Pathway - Card by Dona
Patricia: First Session with Internal Parts (LMS #3)
Prayer Warriors
Prayers - Card by Cheri
Prayers for Freedom Volume 1
Prayers for Freedom Volume 2
Psychological Trauma, Implicit Memory, & The Verbal Logical Explainer
Reality: The Hope of Glory
Renae: Healing Helps Parenting (LMS#17)
Righteous Suffering: A Powerful Weapon (CARE Ctn)
Rita #1 (LMS #26)
Rita #2: Resolution of Bitterness Towards Mother-LMS #14 (DVD)
Rita #3: Jesus Is Better Than Candy
Ritual Abuse and Mind Control
Satanic Foundations of Programming & Mind Control (CARE Ctn)
Satanic Foundations vs. Luciferian Agenda (CARE Ctn)
Secret Weapons
Setting the Captives Free - Training Manual
Share Immanuel
Six Condensed Sessions with Subtitles (LMS #23)
Spying on the Enemy's Camp
Steps to Joy (CD)
Steps to Joy (DVD)
Steve: "Just" be with Jesus
Surviving In Sanity
Survivor Stories Volume Four: Annette, Jennifer and Dona
Survivor Stories: Morag, Silvia and Lydia
Survivor's Stories Volume One: Sara
Survivor's Stories Volume Two: Angela and Jessie
Switch on Your Brain
Taking Every Thought Captive
Taking On the Messiah Role (CARE Ctn)
Thank You (1) - Card by Cheri
Thank You (2) - Card by Cheri
The Blood Covenant (CARE Ctn)
The Body Keeps the Score
The CIA Doctors
The Cost of Discipleship (Bonhoeffer)
The Cost of Discipleship (CARE Ctn)
The Developing Mind
The Divine Design
The Eight Covenants of God (CARE Ctn)
The End of America
The Eye of the Storm: Janus Programming and the Spirit of Division (CARE Ctn)
The False god Within (CARE Ctn)
The False Kristian Host
The Hot Potato (CARE Ctn)
The Immanuel Approach
The Immanuel Lifestyle and Sustaining Joy for a Lifetime
The Music of God (CARE Ctn)
The Seven Appointed Feasts of God (CARE Ctn)
The Spirit of Truth
The Tools for our Warfare (CARE Ctn)
The Truth About Lies and Lies About Truth
The Use of Genesis and the Internal Temple (CARE Ctn)
The Value of Christian Community (DVD)
The What and How To of Memory Work (CARE Ctn)
Thriving in Community
To Give Light - Card by Dona
To Pray as a Jew
Trance-Formation of America
True Fellowship
Twin Programming and the End Times False Signs and Wonders (CARE Ctn)
Uncovering the Mystery of MPD
Unhealthy Soul Ties (CARE Ctn)
Warfare 101: Back to the Basics (CARE Ctn)
What Does Therapy Look Like (CARE Ctn)
What Is Satanic Ritual Abuse? (CARE Ctn)
Who Am I? (CARE Ctn)
Who Switched Off My Brain?
Why Do Survivors of SRA Keep Going Back? (CARE Ctn)
Why Me Lord Part 1 (CARE Ctn)
Why Me Lord Part 2 (CARE Ctn)
Why You Do the Things You Do
Without You - Card by Cheri
Your Journey to Freedom
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