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A DID Beginner's Toolkit Vol. 1 A DID Beginner's Toolkit Vol. 1
In depicting the process of healing by stages, Karen lays out various aspects of healing that will need attention. Many of these aspects need to be done with help. However Karen also lays out material that can be worked on individually and helps the person begin to heal.
A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare
Join the M16 ministry team as they share firsthand how to be a prophetic evangelist, healer and warrior in ministry by cooperating with the Holy Spirit
A Neuro-Theology of Sex and Addiction (DVD) A Neuro-Theology of Sex and Addiction (DVD)
A Neuro-Theology of Sex and Addiction, is a just-released teaching DVD by Darrell Brazell which he filmed at The Power of Joy seminar, February 27th, 2010. This presentation updates his previous "Brain Science of Sex and Addiction" teaching with new brain scans of individuals impacted by pornography and sexual addiction. It is the culmination of ten years of personal recovery, extensive study of healing and recovery materials as well the experience that comes from leading groups for men fighting for freedom in the sexual realm as well as extensive individual and couples counseling through the process.
Addressing Emotional Pain in the Brain's Control Center Addressing Emotional Pain in the Brain's Control Center
Trauma impacts the various levels of the brain's control center differently. The correct Skills and Interventions must be applied. If you are involved in prayer ministry, you will find this an invaluable resource that could change the way you work.
And They Crucified Him And They Crucified Him
God's choice of the cross as the ultimate depiction of His divine being is a pivotal point of true faith. All that mankind would think appropriate to God's dignity and power is contradicted by His willingness to suffer a criminal's death.
Attached Attached
Levine and Heller reveal how an understanding of adult attachment - the most advanced relationship science in existence today - can help us find and sustain love. This book guides readers in determining what attachment style they and their mate (or potential mate) follow, thus offering a road map for building stronger, more fulfilling connections with the people they love.
Attachment (DVD) Attachment (DVD)
Attachment is the second part of Darrell's "Brain Science of Sex and Addiction" seminar. In this DVD, he explains how all addiction, and especially sexual addiction, is driven primarily by attachment pain and insecure attachment styles. He explains the three types of insecure attachment and how each style learns to cope in destructive and isolating ways. He then concludes by introducing specific things we can do to address our insecure attachments.
Attachments (DVD) Attachments (DVD)
This skit displays insecure attachment styles
Attachments: Why You Love, Feel and Act the Way You Do Attachments: Why You Love, Feel and Act the Way You Do
How do you create satisfying relationships? Where do you begin? Dr. Tim Clinton and Gary Sibcy believe that, for each of us, our present relationships are influenced by our first "attachments" or bonds with people in early childhood. Consequently, understanding your pattern of relating to others - what the authors call your "attachment style" - is the cornerstone for building satisfying relationships with the people you love.
Better Life Spotlight: Healthy Relationships Better Life Spotlight: Healthy Relationships
This first installment of the Better Life Spotlight series is an entertaining and insightful guide for building and maintaining healthy relationships. The show will highlight issues related to living with someone that has difficulty showing and receiving emotions, love, and affection, leaving the other family members in a world of disappointment.
Biblical Nuggets Biblical Nuggets
Definition of "Nugget": A Biblical truth that gives goosebumps, stirs your soul, or quickens your pulse; that "Aha!" moment. Get rich in the only way that really matters. Looking at Scripture from an Hebraic perspective turns up real treasure of the best kind.
Bonhoeffer Bonhoeffer
New York Times best-selling author Eric Metaxas takes both strands of Bonhoeffer's life - the theologian and the spy - and draws them together to tell a searing story of incredible moral courage in the face of monstrous evil.
Boundary Recommendations Boundary Recommendations
Practical guidelines for relationship boundaries for those who minister to SRA survivors, especially those in Christian lay ministry who are not licensed professionals. Christine tells a portion of her own story of being introduced to the world of Satanic Ritual Abuse when she and her family welcomed a survivor to live in their home.
CARE Combo Bundle CARE Combo Bundle
Addressing Emotional Pain in the Brain's Control Center and Thriving in Community
CARE Seminar 2011 8-DVD Bundle CARE Seminar 2011 8-DVD Bundle
Purchase the entire set of 8 DVDs at a discounted price
Christ the Healer Christ the Healer
Pioneer classic and textbook on the subject of God's compassion and longing to heal all who are sick. The truths discussed in this book, together with the prayer of faith, have brought healing within the grasp of many thousands of sufferers who could not have recovered without the direct action of the Holy Spirit.
Core Beliefs (CARE Ctn) Core Beliefs (CARE Ctn)
Rather than concentrating on finding an alter personality or a group of personalities, it is more correct to look for distorted core beliefs held system-wide.
Declaring Your Worth Declaring Your Worth
From this inspiring book you will learn about the remarkable Biblical truth of receiving your full rights to what God wants you to believe and feel about yourself.
Dissociation (CARE Ctn) Dissociation (CARE Ctn)
The definition, development and symptoms of dissociation.
Do You Want to Be Made Well? (CARE Ctn) Do You Want to Be Made Well? (CARE Ctn)
The importance of accountability for the Christian host part of a ritual abuse survivor.
Double Binds and Vows (CARE Ctn) Double Binds and Vows (CARE Ctn)
How the cult uses double binds, and the process for breaking free from them.
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