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Survivors' Stories
Survivors share through words and music.
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A Choice To See Human (CARE Ctn) A Choice To See Human (CARE Ctn)
A mind control survivor's account of reclaiming her humanity.
A Light in the Darkness A Light in the Darkness
Sal Dena and Brooke Sawyer paint a very real and vivid picture of how grotesque and clandestine the efforts of the occult truly are. They take you on their journey through a heinous murder, a heartwarming relationship and an eye-opening investigation as they uncover truths about the inner workings of the satanic cult.
Absence (CARE Ctn) Absence (CARE Ctn)
God can seem absent when we expect Him to reveal Himself the same way over time.
Anger Below  (CARE Ctn) Anger Below (CARE Ctn)
An abuse survivor heals her anger through journal dialogue and fellowship with people who can be trusted with her feelings.
Dancing Hopefully (CARE Ctn) Dancing Hopefully (CARE Ctn)
Dancing praise is an embodiment of some of the Thrive concepts, and is a blessing in many ways.
Encouragement from a Wall (CARE Ctn) Encouragement from a Wall (CARE Ctn)
An application of Nehemiah 4 to spiritual battles and to Christian leadership.
For Better or For Worse For Better or For Worse
This is a book of great hope and practical advice for the spouses of those with MPD/DID.
God Is Faithful (CARE Ctn) God Is Faithful (CARE Ctn)
A woman's transition to living in community involved losses, but God showed Himself faithful in the midst of them.
His Healing Love: Jesus Hears Your Cry His Healing Love: Jesus Hears Your Cry
This is a CD you can give the survivor from childhood abuse who feels alone in his/her pain, doesn't know where to start, or wonders if God loves them. The music is soothing, the lyrics are clear, and the beautiful piano or guitar accompaniment is easy to listen to. Wanda shares honestly and transparently about her pain, confusion, and anger. She starts the album painting a picture of a little girl frozen in time and wanting to disappear. But she doesn't leave her alone long. Quietly and gently Jesus comes to the hurting child and offers healing love.
His Life Is in the Blood (CARE Ctn) His Life Is in the Blood (CARE Ctn)
There are hints of God's ways hidden in the functioning of His earthly temple, our bodies. Comparisons can be made between blood and spiritual life in Yeshua.
If You Don't Want to Know Don't Ask If You Don't Want to Know Don't Ask
Poetry and visual art is used to tell Sarah's story. An aid to the journey for survivors who are looking for a place to relate. This item comes as a comb-bound booklet in black and white or as a PDF file on CD with color. Pages can be printed as needed.
Jewels for My Journey Jewels for My Journey
This book chronicles the beginning of Barbara Moon’s journey of faith where she meets Jesus Christ at an early age, through young adulthood where she learns about freedom and union with Christ, to a place in her adult life where Jesus heals a deep childhood wound and the disaster of a divorce.
Journey of Love Journey of Love
Journey of Love is the story of Penny's healing journey from a fractured childhood into wholeness. It is a testimony of God's love and power to bring hope, comfort, and healing to the broken-hearted.
Journey to Joy Journey to Joy
A collection of poems written by a survivor. They tell the story of her journey of recovery from childhood trauma.
Kinsman-Redeemer (CARE Ctn) Kinsman-Redeemer (CARE Ctn)
What it means to be hidden under the shadow of God's wings, as revealed in the book of Ruth.
Laura Laura
God's victory in the life of a child targeted by the enemy. Best book available for understanding what happens in the mind of a ritually abused child, and how God's amazing grace redeems them. (For wounded adults)
Letters Never Sent Letters Never Sent
Help for anyone who has ever been afraid or lonely, failed or been rejected or has ever cried out to God for answers and for inner peace.
My Identity in Jesus Christ (CARE Ctn) My Identity in Jesus Christ (CARE Ctn)
A grouping of scriptures that one survivor reviews daily in order to build a foundation of truth regarding her identity in the Lord.
My Journey to Freedom My Journey to Freedom
A poignant, moving account of one woman's struggle to gain her freedom from a lifestyle and culture into which she was born. In this memoir, Mattie takes you on a journey into the little known world of the Amish. Mattie opens up the doors and you get the plain truth.
My Story God's Way (CARE Ctn) My Story God's Way (CARE Ctn)
A journey into healing and allowing God to define the past.
Out of the Ashes Out of the Ashes
The true story of a family that experienced the uncovering of a well-planned deception involving horrific abuse and devastating betrayal. With a powerful message of hope, the family's journey is an amazing testimony of God's faithfulness and victorious healing power.
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