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From Darkness to Light From Darkness to Light
Areon provides practical tools to effectively arm the reader for spiritual battle.
From Darkness to Light - Study Guide From Darkness to Light - Study Guide
For the serious student of the Word to better understand the concepts and principles of spiritual warfare. Discover truth demonic forces do not want you to know or use. Become more familiar with the reality of spiritual warfare and its importance in your life.
Halloween Seasonal Prayer (CARE Ctn) Halloween Seasonal Prayer (CARE Ctn)
A thorough prayer for ritual survivors to use during the Halloween season.
Living Lessons on Intimacy with Christ Living Lessons on Intimacy with Christ
Has there been a longing in your heart to know Christ in an intimate, close and real way? This devotional can help you find the intimacy for which you are looking. The journey is full of living lessons along paths such as Faith, Grace and Union, Freedom from the Law, and Suffering and Trials. These devotions are not tied to the calendar but are to be read and pondered at your own speed.
Maturity in Prayer Life Maturity in Prayer Life
This is an audio teaching that applies the Life Model principles to maturity in prayer life. One of our primary goals at Set Apart Ministries is to encourage and support maturity in all ways within the Body of Messiah, particularly through the Life Model process and the development of covenant relationships.
Prayer Warriors Prayer Warriors
This thoughtfully developed, interrelated set of prayers for survivors of severe trauma and their caregivers includes descriptions of the need for each prayer. Much more than a collection of written prayers, this is a guide to help you more effectively pray about your healing journey in an intimate way with the Lord. Scriptures and a glossary are included at the end of the book.
Prayers for Freedom Volume 1 Prayers for Freedom Volume 1
Karen shares the exciting good news that prayers of renunciation, repentance and forgiveness bring about the beginning of freedom and healing from ritual abuse. With the use of Scriptures combined with prayers, readers are able to reclaim all parts of themselves, including body, mind, emotions, will and spirit.
Prayers for Freedom Volume 2 Prayers for Freedom Volume 2
This book of prayers includes some to deal with programming and other issues that effect the deeper parts of the system. In adding this new volume of prayers, Karen is again seeking tools that will aid in getting directly to the heart of the programming, the lies and the behavioral as well as the spiritual issues.
Taking Every Thought Captive Taking Every Thought Captive
Finally, a practical training guide to help you learn how to agree with God's renewing of your mind. These six spiritual workouts can be used by anyone who senses the need to be transformed by God's truth.
The Jesus Storybook Bible The Jesus Storybook Bible
This beautifully written and illustrated Storybook invites children to discover for themselves that Jesus is at the center of Godís great story of salvation Ė and at the center of their story too.
When Faith Is All You Have When Faith Is All You Have
Practical lessons on how we can walk by faith and not by sight in the uncertainties of life. A Fisherman Bible Studyguide. Includes 9 sessions for individuals or groups.
Workbook & Guide for Hinds' Feet on High Places Workbook & Guide for Hinds' Feet on High Places
Do you struggle to understand why trials and suffering occur in life? Do you sometimes question Godís love, and fear giving Him complete control of your life? If so, this workbook study of Hindsí Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard will help answer your questions while increasing your capacity to see God as He really is in the midst of your struggles.