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Ben Israel Ben Israel
The journal of Art’s conversion as an unbelieving atheist and former Marxist, apprehended by a God whom he was not seeking, significantly and symbolically in Jerusalem. This book has been used powerfully to bring other of Art’s Jewish kinsmen to the faith.
Biblical Nuggets Biblical Nuggets
Definition of "Nugget": A Biblical truth that gives goosebumps, stirs your soul, or quickens your pulse; that "Aha!" moment. Get rich in the only way that really matters. Looking at Scripture from an Hebraic perspective turns up real treasure of the best kind.
Blessing After Reading the Torah - Bookmark Blessing After Reading the Torah - Bookmark
Blessing Before Reading the Torah - Bookmark Blessing Before Reading the Torah - Bookmark
Chosen People: Chosen For What Chosen People: Chosen For What
A challenging arrow into the heart of Jewish life especially significant in the light of rising anti-Semitism.
Complete Jewish Bible Complete Jewish Bible
This Bible is unique, because while written in English, it is fully Jewish in style and presentation. It includes Dr. Stern’s new version of the Tanakh (“Old Testament”) and his highly acclaimed Jewish New Testament
Daniel Roars Today Daniel Roars Today
Daniel roars because it’s a message that must be heard for today. It’s a message received 2,600 years ago but meant for our time as the end of the ages draws near.
God's Appointed Seasons 2016 God's Appointed Seasons 2016
Have you determined to honor God through His festivals? Our 2016 booklet tells you everything you know to keep the seven festivals in Leviticus 23 plus Purim and Hanukkah.
God's Appointed Times God's Appointed Times
The biblical holy days are not just for Jews. Christians, too, can receive the blessing of these glorious days, the greatest object lessons in the Bible. This book explains every holy day described in Scripture, teaching about the major and minor holy days - Passover, Firstfruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, The Feast of Tabernacles, Hanukkah, and Purim.
God's Chosen Festivals God's Chosen Festivals
This festival booklet discusses in steamlined format the spring and fall festivals, plus Purim, Hanukkah, as well as the seven fasts mentioned in the Bible. In addition, it describes the blood moons for 2015.
Hanukkah Covenant Seder Hanukkah Covenant Seder
This booklet provides an in-depth look at Hanukkah, from its history, to the meaning of covenant, and includes suggestions for celebrating the joy of this season and its full meaning.
Jewish New Testament Commentary Jewish New Testament Commentary
Dr. David Stern, a Messianic Jew living in Jerusalem, speaks to questions that those investigating messianic beliefs often have. This is the companion volume to his widely acclaimed Jewish New Testament.
Lost in Translation Volume 1 Lost in Translation Volume 1
Using ancient Hebrew language and culture, the authors clarify many of the Bible’s so-called “mysteries” and help the reader uncover the treasure of foundational truths that have been “lost in translation.” The authors shed light on centuries of confusion surrounding subjects that are seldom addressed in modern sermons and Bible studies.
Lost in Translation Volume 2 Lost in Translation Volume 2
This is the second in a three volume series that will cover the entire book of Revelation in awe-inspiring detail, expounding and expanding on familiar verses in God’s Word that have been misunderstood and misconstrued for many years, or, in some cases, linking together verses and concepts that have been repeatedly overlooked.
Lost in Translation Volume 3 Lost in Translation Volume 3
This is the final book in a three volume series that covers the entire book of Relevation in awe-inspiring detail, expounding and expanding on familiar verses that have been misunderstood and misconstrued for many years.
New to Torah New to Torah
Having concluded that the Whole Word of God is applicable for today, your personal joy in Messiah Yeshua will grow but the changes that follow in lifestyle may bring confusion and friction to family and friends who do not yet understand. This book addresses common identified concerns as the main challenges during the first years of walking out Torah in Messiah.
Steps to Joy (CD) Steps to Joy (CD)
This music CD is available for group practice and worship. This Steps to Joy CD has the same five dances as the Steps to Joy DVD. The music is arranged in two sets of five songs each. The first set includes Jen calling the steps. The second set is the inspirational music alone for use in your worship experience.
Steps to Joy (DVD) Steps to Joy (DVD)
Steps to Joy was developed for non-dancers. Instruction begins with stretching exercises to prevent injuries. The steps are broken down into separate moves with repeated practice. Sequences are built slowly. You have a clear view of the instructor’s feet along with clearly called instructions for each step. Steps to Joy is suitable for learning in your own home, for use in small groups or for large group instruction for congregational worship.
The Holocaust The Holocaust
In this examination of that ultimate tragedy, the issue of God as God is brought courageously to the forefront of our modern consideration as few books have attempted to do.
The Seven Appointed Feasts of God (CARE Ctn) The Seven Appointed Feasts of God (CARE Ctn)
Brief descriptions of the Feasts, along with scripture references, additional resources, and common perversions by occultists.
To Pray as a Jew To Pray as a Jew
A detailed guide to Jewish prayer. The author takes the reader from the simplest details of how to comport oneself on entering a synagogue to the most profound and moving comments on the prayers themselves; through the entire prescribed course of Jewish liturgy, passage by passage, ritual by ritual, offering historical background, religious teaching, and practical instruction for each element of the service.