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Lehman Live Ministry Series (view individual items)
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Maggie #2: If I leave, she could die (LMS#12) Maggie #2: If I leave, she could die (LMS#12)
In this 2007 session Maggie works on fear, uncertainty, and confusion about a very tough judgment call she was forced to make regarding ministry with one of her clients. Jesus beautifully mentors Maggie with respect to the recent situation with her client, and then also brings forward and resolves a traumatic childhood memory with thoughts and emotions that exactly match her recent client situation.
Maggie #3: Labor and Delivery Trauma (LMS#19) Maggie #3: Labor and Delivery Trauma (LMS#19)
In this 2009 session, Maggie works on anger towards her husband and the Lord, and the feeling that a certain client situation is unbearable. Her initial anger and sense of unbearable burden resolve as Jesus heals underlying traumatic memories from her first labor and delivery.
Maggie: More Than Healing (LMS #11) Maggie: More Than Healing (LMS #11)
Maggie begins this 2006 session with memories in which she had already received healing, but in which her perception of Jesus had been very subtle. We then use “Immanuel Interventions” to help her experience a more tangible and intimate connection with Jesus. Along the way, Maggie also receives healing for “splinters” that had not been resolved during the earlier sessions.
Patricia: First Session with Internal Parts (LMS #3) Patricia: First Session with Internal Parts (LMS #3)
In this 2002 session, Patricia receives healing for intense attachment pain from losing her mother at nine months of age and from another change of primary caregivers at the age of eighteen months. The session demonstrates ways of working with mild to moderate dissociative phenomena.
Renae: Healing Helps Parenting (LMS#17) Renae: Healing Helps Parenting (LMS#17)
In this 2008 session, Renae asks for help regarding angry outbursts towards her son. Jesus guides Renae to memories of her father’s anger towards her, and heals the unresolved trauma there.
Rita #1 (LMS #26) Rita #1 (LMS #26)
In the first part of this 2005 session, we figure out that internal child parts are deliberately blocking Rita from being able to perceive the Lord’s presence. Immanuel troubleshooting eventually helps these child parts to allow Jesus’ tangible presence, and once they experience Him directly they quickly choose to cooperate fully. The remainder of the session consists of Rita repeatedly asking Jesus for guidance and help, and Jesus leading the work of resolving unfinished processing tasks.
Rita #2: Resolution of Bitterness Towards Mother-LMS #14 (DVD) Rita #2: Resolution of Bitterness Towards Mother-LMS #14 (DVD)
In this 2005 session, Rita describes a childhood memory that includes classic pain from lack of attunement, and that is still guarded by bitterness as a kind of psychological defense. We use “Immanuel interventions” to help her perceive Jesus’ presence in the memory, and He then helps her to the resolve both the bitterness and the lingering pain.
Rita #3: Jesus Is Better Than Candy Rita #3: Jesus Is Better Than Candy
In this 2008 session, Rita initially focuses on recent events in which she felt excluded. Jesus guides her to childhood memories of painful rejection – memories in which she turned to sweets for comfort. Her upset about recent events and her pattern of turning to sweets for comfort resolve as Jesus heals the underlying memories.
Six Condensed Sessions with Subtitles (LMS #23) Six Condensed Sessions with Subtitles (LMS #23)
The international spread of the Immanuel approach to emotional healing and many requests for short examples of actual sessions have led us to produce six condensed live emotional healing sessions with subtitles in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Korean, Spanish, and Swahili.
Steve: Steve: "Just" be with Jesus
This 2007 session begins with Jesus initiating a beautiful interaction where Steve receives restoration as he sits in the Lord’s lap. As the session continues, Dr. Lehman repeatedly asks whether they should move on to working on unresolved trauma, but Jesus repeatedly directs Steve to just stay where he is and continue receiving restoration.
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