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Welcome to CARE Packaging

We have great news!

We are very pleased to be offering a new book by Cheryl Knight and Jo Getzinger, the co-founders of CARE, Inc.!

The title is The Divine Design.

In this book they share their personal experiences and insights about community and its role in healing survivors of severe trauma.

ďWhen we began working as licensed counselors in the field of mental health we encountered some of the most devastating problems of horrific proportions endured by human beings: childhood sexual abuse, human trafficking, and ritualistic abuse. The main purpose of this book is not about how to recover from severe childhood abuse and trauma, although it is a byproduct. This is a book about community. Community is the soil in which the landscape for healing is created .It is Godís divine design. After fifteen years of community life together we are convinced that God intended community for all His people in order to save us from ourselves and mold us into His likeness. No other design but the intensity of community life together can accomplish this."   

Find out more about this one-of-a-kind book on Christian community by clicking on the image of the cover below!

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The Divine Design
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